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VAT Information

Amazon API

If you sell goods online via Amazon, you will need to download relevant sales reports from Seller Central in order to file VAT returns. vatglobal automates this process using an API. An API is simply a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access another service. Amazon allows accredited businesses [...]
PaaS and VAT

PaaS and VAT: A Growing Industry with growing tax pitfalls

The rapidly evolving PaaS (Platform as a Service) industry has experienced significant growth in recent years as more organisations look to leverage the potential of cloud capabilities with agility and flexibility.  For example, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17% in 2020 to a total of $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 […]

What is VAT Recovery?

Non-resident businesses are sometimes entitled to cross-border VAT recovery on costs incurred in certain jurisdictions.  However, the cross-border VAT recovery process is cumbersome and complicated so millions of euros go unclaimed every year.  What are the principles of cross-border VAT recovery?  In order to encourage international trade, the EU created special mechanisms that allow businesses […]

EU VAT number registration

EU VAT number registration: What You Need To Know

Introduction If your business is operating or selling goods to EU member states, you are obligated to apply for an EU VAT number registration. Furthermore, depending on the services or goods you sell, you may also need to register in multiple EU member states. The registration requirements vary from country to country but all follow […]

Provincial Sales Tax in Canada

Should Your Business Be Paying Provincial Sales Tax in Canada?

Foreign businesses may be liable to provincial sales tax in Canada. However, because the legislation is changing quickly and it’s not at a national level, keeping track of how you’re meant to remain compliant is difficult. This article highlights the requirements for provincial sales tax registration in Canada. Background Provincial Canadian tax authorities have either […]

Distance Selling EU VAT Thresholds

Distance Selling EU VAT Thresholds

Distance selling is when a non-resident company sells goods to EU consumers via the internet so for any e-commerce businesses, it’s important to understand the distance selling EU VAT threshholds. It’s one of the most common situations that result in needing a Foreign EU VAT registration. Why is a VAT registration required for distance selling? […]

Japanese Consumption Tax on digital services

What You Need To Know: Japanese Consumption Tax on digital services

We’ve put together this quick guide to Japanese consumption tax (JCT) on digital services. This will help any foreign businesses that may be providing digital or electronic services to Japanese consumers.  Background to Japanese consumption tax on digital services In 2015 Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA) amended the consumption tax act to correctly levy consumption […]

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